If you don't know who Doug Jones is you should be ashamed, because the man is fantastic. Mostly, he pops up in geek genre films; he's beloved for his role as Abe Sapien in Hellboy and he's the title character in Pan's Labyrinth. And, during the madness which was Comic-Con 2006, there was very strong rumor (mostly instigated by Jones and his agent) suggesting he would be joining the Fantastic Four team as the Silver Surfer. This made a lot of sense to anyone familiar with Jones, and we all just nodded our heads and said "yeah, that's a very strong choice." Then Jones started dodging the rumors he himself had created, and backed away from a promise to make a major casting announcement, leaving us all with the feeling someone above him had told him to keep his trap shut. Since then, Jones granted an interview to Now Playing but refused to confirm anything. He did, however, did drop several large hints:
  • He waved a silver ring he was wearing, and said he thought the color looked very good on him. He also said he planned to wear a lot more of the color in the future: "I actually found an outfit in this color recently when I was shopping and I absolutely loved it. It looked perfect on me. Nobody else is in line behind me to buy it, so I'm now kind of waiting for the store to approve my credit card."
  • He said he owns the first 18 issues of The Silver Surfer, and finds the character to be very inspiring.
  • Filming will begin in August, and according to Jones: "I would hope sometime around then that any other passing news regarding that film would be announced."
My two cents? Whoever is in charge of this decision at the studio needs to move on this with all haste; Jones is the perfect man for the role.
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