Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta

Missed 'V for Vendetta' when it was in theaters? You're in luck. The flick comes out on DVD tomorrow, and there are at least three solid reasons to go out and rent (or buy) the disc ASAP ...

1) Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and produced by the Wachowski brothers of 'Matrix' fame, 'V' presents an alternate vision of Britain that'll knock your socks off. A totalitarian regime lords menacingly over the land, and the only guy man enough to challenge their rule is named V (Hugo Weaving), wears a harlequin mask and just so happens to be elvin badass Elrond from 'Lord of the Rings' and Agent Smith from 'The Matrix.' Translation: the bad guys are screwed.

V for Vendetta

2) Natalie Portman looks so good with her head shaved, guys all across America will consider shaving their girlfriend's head while she sleeps. Note: I do not condone said behavior and predict that in most cases the results will be less than Portmanesque.

3) The next best movie coming out tomorrow is Tim Allen's'The Shaggy Dog' -- which, frankly, appeals to me about as much as shampooing a stray canine's butt.

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