If you are of the geek persuasion, you have to think John Ottman has the sweetest gig in all of Hollywood. Aside from the folks at Marvel and DC, Ottman is one of the most frequent contributers to geek films these days. As a composer, he has been lucky enough to write the score for Superman Returns,X-Men 2: X-Men United, and The Fantastic Four. He did great work in all three films (I was particularly impressed with his efforts in Superman, as he not only did his own original work, but also included the original William's theme music), and has apparently impressed people in the Marvel camp, because they are bringing him back again for Fantastic Four 2 (which is still nameless). Ottman is excited to return for the second installment of the franchise, as it will mark the first time he has ever scored music for a sequel to a film he had scored in the past. He said it has always been a fantasy of his to do so, and is very excited to give it a try. Ottman also said "I can't say that the themes were intentionally designed to be expanded upon later, but it's something I hope to do. I like now that the characters are established I can have fun with them."

The prevailing thought from everyone involved with this film -- now even including the music guy -- seems to be "This one will be a lot better because we've got all that tedious character introduction out of the way." I'm firmly in that camp as well, and I hope everyone is correct about it. My little geek heart could really use a great Fantastic Four flick.
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