According to this morning's Guardian, a warts-and-all biopic of the entire Bronte family is being planned in England. Quite logically entitled Brontë, the film is budgeted at about $11 million and will place Charlotte, Anne, and Emily in a realistic 19th century England, filled with "dungheaps and foul drains ... open sewer[s] in the street and ... cholera and typhoid that killed most children before their sixth birthday." Mmm ... dungheaps.

Since the movie begins filming next month, most of the cast is in place -- and it features some big names, particularly considering how under-the-radar it's been flying. Starring as Charlotte (Who, as all American high school students know, wrote Jane Eyre.) will be Michelle Williams, Nathalie Press will play Emily (Author of Wuthering Heights. That's all, just Wuthering Heights.) and Anne, she of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, will be played by New Zealander Emily Barclay. Also along for the dung-laden ride will be Jonathan Rhys Meyers (sadly for JRM, his character is apparently straight), Brian Cox and Ben Chaplin.
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