Mel Heads for Rehab!

Well, it looks like Mel Gibson has gone and done what most celebrities do when they make an ass of themselves -- he's checked into rehab. According to Gibson rep Alan Neirob (who will probably need his own time in rehab once this whole thing is over and done with), the Oscar winner is "participating in an ongoing program to deal with this. The guy is trying to stay alive." Does this program also deal with anti-semitism? Because, not for nothing, but I don't think people give two craps about the guy's DWI -- they just want to know why he blames the Jews for his own moronic behavior. Hey Mel, feel free to visit Israel all you want. However, something tells me this nightmare will follow you around longer than Lindsay Lohan's after-hours sex stench.

Crowe Returns to NYC -- Hotel Workers Run for Their Lives!

Godzilla and King Kong are nothing compared to Russell Crowe's triumphant return to New York City, one year after the actor was busted for assaulting a hotel employee with a telephone. Crowe, who is currently in Queens shooting Ridley Scott'sAmerican Gangster alongside Denzel Washington, has decided to play it safe this time and rent an apartment outside of town. I'm not so sure we're in the clear though, what with all those rolling black-outs affecting NYC over the past few weeks. Should Crowe's lights go out, what will he do? Isn't he banned from every hotel in the city by now? Dude, I've got a couch you can crash on ... ya know, if it comes down to that.

Tom Cruise: Master Wrestler!

Okay, while there's not a whole lot to this story, I simply had to write about it. This little gem had me cracking up all day. According to the always reliable Page Six, Tom Cruise was a big time wrestler back in the day when the star attended Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey. In fact, one of his old rivals from Seton Hall Prep told Steppin' Out magazine, Cruise mastered a move called the "High Crotch." Supposedly, the move requires an arm between the legs and, somehow, the crotch is involved -- I don't know, I'm not a wrestler. Says the rival, "The pain was excruciating to say the least." Hmm, I wonder if Tom still performs the move till this day? Alas, we will never know -- his reps declined to comment.

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