Everybody Hates Mel!

Mark your calendars folks, because today has officially been declared "Ruin Mel Gibson's Career Day!" While most Hollywood executives are too afraid to go on record with their opinions, the general consensus is that Gibson's drunken anti-semitic tirade probably wasn't the best thing for his career. One would imagine Disney is thanking their lucky stars Gibson's upcoming Apocalypto is not opening this week. Instead, its release date was pushed back to December 8 when bad weather prolonged the shooting schedule. However, some are worried Gibson's comments will hinder the actor's ability to do press for the pic. Yay, I can already see the questions now: "Hey Mel, was it difficult designing costumes for Apocalypto? Also, can you touch upon why you feel Jews destroyed the world?" Oh, and about Gibson's planned TV mini-series on the Holocaust? Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen.

Lohan's Mom Fires Back!

After her daughter reappeared on the set of Georgia Rule this past weekend, having since spent some time in a hospital for heat exhaustion, Lindsay Lohan'smom fired back at people like Morgan Creek Productions CEO James Robinson and myself who think the girl is, well, full of sh*t. (Heck, if my daughter were making a few million per picture, I'd defend her too.) According to Dina Lohan, Robinson's threatening letter to her daughter was "way out of line" and not "a smart thing to do to a young girl." Hey Mom, seeing as the legal drinking age is 21, do you think it's a "smart thing" for your 19-year-old daughter to be getting hammered every night, showing up to work late and hungover? Freaky Friday 2, anyone? Oh wait, that wouldn't work -- they're both one in the same. Two morons in desperate need of a reality check.

Matthew Perry Hates Old People!

A slew of elderly neighbors in Matthew Perry's brand new Beverly Hills apartment building are ticked off because the actor refuses to be friends. According to one woman, Perry ignores everyone and turns his back whenever someone waves hello. Says the distraught neighbor, "Most people don't know who he is - they didn't watch Friends, they watched Golden Girls. Who does he think he is?" Well, it's simple -- he's an actor. Rule #1 in Hollywood: If the person speaking to you cannot help advance your career, simply turn around and walk away. Good to know Matt's following the rules.

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