Because I think it's important for everyone to gain at least a little exposure, this week we're focusing solely on short films created by student filmmakers. Yes, we're spanning the globe in search of some quality student-related content. (Okay, we're not exactly spanning the globe, just sort of hopping around a bit with stops in the UK, Canada and the United States.)

I enjoy watching student films because there's a ton of passion, creativity and energy put into each one. With not much time and a very small budget to work with, these kids must learn to perfect, in my opinion, the most important aspect of a film: Its story.

The following short films all feature students utilizing whatever they have in front of them to create a compelling story. And they certainly succeed. As always, if you know of any fun little short films available to watch online, feel free to send all links, tips and suggestions to shorts AT cinematical DOT com. Now, let's go watch some shorts ...

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