Amidst all the sh*t hitting the fan in the wake of Mel Gibson'sarrest, ranting and apology, there have been mentions of his stated interest in producing a Holocaust miniseries (as a sign of either his true feelings or his cynicism, depending on the perspective of the person talking about it) "based on a memoir about a Dutch Jew during World War II." Well, according to a report in today's Wall Street Journal, that miniseries, which Gibson's Icon Entertainment production company had set up with ABC, has been pulled. While the unnamed ABC representative who spoke with the WSJ said the reason for their decision was simply that "it has been two years and the network still has not seen a script," the timing of the announcement makes that a little hard to believe.

To this point, Disney -- the company releasing Apocalypto, Gibson's current project -- has refused to comment on the movie's status (it's currently scheduled for release in December). Given that the film was a marketing nightmare to begin with (no stars, foreign language and reportedly extremely violent), how Disney chooses to handle it in the current climate will be worth watching.
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