The New York Times reported yesterday on a series of short films being produced by Glamour (gotta love that British spelling) magazine, based on "true stories" submitted by readers, "by and about women." Aw. The series -- financed entirely by Cartier, to the tune of about $2 million -- is called "Reel Moments" (Did I mention "aw"?), and will actually have a 10-city theatrical run starting in October, in addition to being available on the magazine's website.

In an effort to increase the profile of the series, Glamour has signed some notable female names to direct, among them Jennifer Aniston and Bryce Dallas Howard; Robin Wright Penn and Jamie-Lynn Sigler will star in two of the films, and both will appear for free. Aniston in particular is excited about the opportunity, and the fact that so many women are involved. Though not "a bleeding-heart anything," she wants us all to know that she thinks more women should be directing. Because, she says, "I think I like women. I support women." Good to know, Jen. Thanks for sharing.

Profits from the films, such as they are, will be donated in part to FilmAid International, "a nonprofit group that introduces women in underdeveloped countries to film."

[Edited 8/2 to correct the names; thanks, Stu.]
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