Jon Favreau may be putting the kibosh on those Tom-Cruise-is-Tony-Stark rumors, but not to worry: The kids at AICN have worked up another Iron Man rumor to take its place. Based on a series of secret "inside" sources and conclusions from fairly vague clues, AICN's Quint decided that Terrence Howard has been offered the role of James Rhodes, Stark's Viet Nam buddy, confidant and pilot (not to mention the man who takes over the Iron Man suit when Stark fakes his own death, and eventually becomes War Machine). There's really no way to know if this is true, short of Favreau or Howard themselves weighing in -- after all, even if someone else ends up in the role, it's easy to just say that Howard turned it down.

From what I've read on the web (Which, by the way, is making me want to read all of the damn Iron Man comics -- is the series as cool as it sounds?), Rhodes is major player in Stark's life, and therefore is likely to be heavily featured in the movie. So, Iron Man fans, is Howard right for the role? (And do you even care at this point, as long as someone other than Cruise plays Stark?)
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