Finally, the time has come for Christopher Nolan and company to announce their secret title. Finally, the time has come for me to quit writing Christopher Nolan'sUntitled Batman Begins Sequel. And, finally, we now know exactly who the Joker will be. That's right folks, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the title of the next Batman film will be -- drum roll please -- The Dark Knight! (Okay, minus the exclamation point at the end)

And yes, as previously reported, Heath Ledger has officially signed on to play The Joker. No more rumors. No more he said/she said -- this puppy is a done deal. Take it or leave it. Nolan's brother, Jonathan, will pen the script, with plans to begin production early next year (January-ish). First off, love the title. It's wonderful. Fantastic. The Dark Knight. It's perfect. Secondly, I've settled in to the whole Heath Ledger thing and, actually, kind of dig the move. I trust Nolan sees something in the lad that, perhaps, we do not. I'm keen on seeing Ledger take on a role like this. Heck, I wanna see the dude play a bad guy -- I think he'll do a swell job. Folks, it's all coming together. You can see it. You can feel it. You can taste it. You can start debating ... now.

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