I've allowed the most recent Mel Gibson story to percolate inside my brain for a few days before formulating an opinion, and now I have one to offer: Sadly and reluctantly (and despite his rather unconvincing apology), I must admit that I now see Mel Gibson as, well, as a man I simply don't want to know anymore. As a guy who was raised on tons of really cool Mel Gibson movies, it frustrates me to even hold such an opinion -- but the guy doesn't really leave me much of a choice. And it's not just because I'm Jewish; if Mel's comments were directed towards any minority, it would leave just as sour a taste in my mouth -- but this does hit closer to home for me, for obvious reasons.

Gibson's second apology, while seemingly more sincere and empassioned than the first, feels to me like half remorse and half PR damage control. I can forgive Mel Gibson for his atrocious behavior, and it's got nothing to do with religion; I simply believe that forgiveness is a basic component of humanity. But just because you forgive someone, that doesn't mean the damage is magically undone.
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