Okay folks, the third installment of the Ghost Rider video production blog is up over on the official Sony website, and as your friend, I'm suggesting you check it out so we can have an open, honest discussion about this ... because I have a confession to make. No more sneaking around here, I've got nothing but honesty for you toda,y after watching writer/director Mark Steven Johnson explain a bit about the Johnny-Blaze-to-Ghost-Rider transformation.

Watched the clip? Okay, good.

Yes, some of the transformation looks very CGI heavy. Yes, the short bit with Ghost Rider cruising down the side of a building is obviously CGI -- good CGI, mind you, but clearly CGI. That all said: Holy cow, am I excited for this picture. I know we're all supposed to be worried about it, talking about how Sony pushed it to February from a summer launch, and how Nicolas Cage is the star, etc. etc. But man, I just want to see a flaming skull flying around the streets on a fast motorcycle, breaking things and hurting people. Am I worried that it'll perform poorly? Sure I am. But I'm beginning to believe that I personally will really enjoy this one.
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