For Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri, there is much to fear when Underdogis near. Mostly he fears for the dignity of the Statehouse in Providence, which seemed to be threatened when a film crew working on the Disney movie attempted to replace the building's state flag with one created for the shoot. I guess the Underdog universe exists in a fictional city that only looks like the capital of Rhode Island. Anyway, Carcieri is now going to think twice about allowing the Statehouse to be used by film and television productions. It was okay that Underdog took over the building for most of July, even with its altering of the building's appearance and disrupting the workplace of Statehouse employees. But messing with the flag was a complete no-no (Hopefully he won't mind that I Photoshopped it for this post).

Of course, other state officials were happy to be inconvenienced because of how much money the production is putting into Rhode Island. Steven Feinberg, director of the Rhode Island Film and Television Office, even thinks that the movie will, "promote our state to a worldwide audience," and have, "a positive impact on tourism that is priceless." You know, because that fictional-city flag will really let the world know that the Statehouse is actually in Providence. What, you don't think the flag will still be replaced? Surely a live-action version of Underdog will be utilizing a lot of computer artists who are fully capable of changing a flag on top of a building at a time when they're bored with rendering a flying superhero dog.

I think that I can understand Carcieri's concerns, but he should really hope for as little association as possible between his state and what is sure to be the next The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle-level bomb. It's bad enough Rhode Island's biggest claim to movie fame yet is the Farrelly Brothers.
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