In case this is the first time you've heard of such a thing, let me clear it up for you: Yes, someone is creating a remake of Death Race 2000 -- although thanks to the changing times, it will actually be called Death Race 3000. Yeah, I know it is weird, but you're going to have to believe me on this one. If you are sadly uneducated, Death Race is mostly just a story about guys in the future who kill pedestrians with their vehicles to score points in this game they play. It is easily one of the most classic B-movies of all time.

The story has been put into the very willing hands of director Paul W.S. Anderson, who will both write and direct the remake. Roger Corman, the producer of the original and a longtime genre geek favorite, recently took a few minutes to discuss the update with Sci Fi Wire. Sadly, Corman is mostly uninvolved in Anderson's film, although he does have a contract which calls him "executive producer." According to Corman, this means he gets to read and comment on all versions of the script -- but he said he doesn't spend much time on it because "I don't believe I will have that much influence."

I still have trouble wrapping my brain around someone bringing Death Race2000 back to life, mostly because it is such a standard in the B-movie world these days. It is sad the Corman isn't going to be involved, but I guess it gives him an out if the film disappoints. So in order to succeed, does it need to be a fantastic movie ... or a self-aware, cheesy, tongue-in-cheek sorta flick? I'm not really sure, to be honest.
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