Two of cinema's most prominent geek directors are moving from the big screen to the small screen. Superman Returns and X-Men(well, parts one and two, anyway) director Bryan Singer is taking his first formal foray into television with a three script deal for ABC -- and one of said scripts is said to be promised at least a pilot episode. Singer will be putting them out through Bad Hat Harry, his own production company.
Likewise, noted Spider-Man (and Evil Dead) director Sam Raimi is moving on to TV for a bit, taking on popular fantasy author Terry Goodkind's Swordof Truth franchise. According to Sci Fi Wire, Raimi was enamoured of the project and took less than two hours to convince the author to let him take control of the world for a television miniseries, with production beginning after Spider-Man 3 wraps. There was a time when I found this series fantastic, but like Jordan's Wheel of Time, I just got fatigued with it and gave up after too many books. I imagine Raimi will have a fun vision for it, however. It'll be interesting to see how much of these two fellas' time will be taken up by these TV ventures, as both of them are major big screen figures these days.
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