Here's an interesting pair: Music video director/graphic designer Adam Levite (AKA Associates in Science, or AiS) is teaming up with The Hebrew Hammer (tagline: "Part man. Part street. 100% kosher.") writer-director Jonathan Kesselman to pen the screen version of Glenn Gaslin's Beemer. Levite himself owns the movie rights to the book, which sounds more than a little bit insane. Somewhat dismissively described by Publisher's Weekly as providing "empty calories [and] a modest rush but little else," the book tells the story of Beemer Minutia, a child of the 80s whose dreams of "his name mass-marketed on everything from 'motion pictures to action figures'" are interrupted by his girlfriend's demand that he get an actual job. Beemer eventually goes to work at an advertising agency, which sounds deceptively normal. Not to worry, though: The book also features "domestic terrorists, a boy band comprised of eunuchs, a crafty teen nemesis and a crazed suburban mom running a homeowners association militia." Among other things.

Man alive. Has anyone read the book? Is it even possible to adapt it for the screen? it's unclear from the Hollywood Reporter article if Levite (who's both designed the posters for Boogie Nights, Magnolia and Happiness and directed videos for Beck, Interpol and Queens of the Stone Age) or Kesselman will even be involved in directing the film, so we can't draw stylistic conclusions based on their names or previous work. If this ever happens, though, it'll doubtless be something to keep an eye on.
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