It's been almost impossible to get information about There Will Be Blood,Paul Thomas Anderson'sepic next film, but it's finally been confirmed that someone other than Daniel Day-Lewis will actually be appearing in the movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Little Miss Sunshine'sPaul Dano (who Erik recently interviewed) will star alongside Lewis as "a gifted, charismatic young preacher who captivates churchgoers." The film, which is "loosely based" on Upton Sinclair's Oil!, has been grandly described as "an ambitious ... and ... compelling, relevant story about family, greed, religion and oil." What, you want specifics? Oh. Well, Day-Lewis plays "a tycoon who strikes it rich after gaining oil rights to a family's ranch, turning the small town where Dano's character preaches into a boomtown." Which I'm sure leads to lots of conflicts, and epic suffering by Day-Lewis. Because, really -- who would cast that man and NOT ask him to suffer?

Until the other day, I had no feelings about Dano one way or another -- but then I stumbled across the shockingly great The Girl Next Door on cable. As a result, I'm now officially a fan of his (and of everyone else in the movie), and am really excited to see someone of his ability joining what was already an unusual, exciting project.

The movie is currently filming in Texas and California.
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