I have no idea how all of us managed to miss them, but the people behind Casino Royale have been throwing up slick, short "podcasts" every once in a while, detailing either the current stage of the film's production, or focusing on a small element of the shoot, like filming flight scenes. Apart from the disconcertingly porn-y (or so I hear) soundtracks, they're not bad for studio-made promo pieces -- very short, but you get actual glimpses of footage from the film, as well as brief chats with director Martin Campbell, a rather frisky Judi Dench and Daniel Craig (in lots of different outfits), as well as other Casino Royale personnel. And did I mention Daniel Craig?

The podcasts are up at iTunes; the most recent is installment seven, which is the one about the fighting. (And if this clip gives a true indication of Campbell's directorial approach, he's very much of the George Lucas-style "FASTER!", "LOUDER!" school).

[via JoBlo]
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