Remember when Julian McMahon wasn't going to be returning for the next Fantastic Four film? That rumor was rather persistent for a bit, and then got blown out of the water by director Tim Story, who was assured us if Doom was coming back, so was McMahon. I had split opinions on this matter, because (like most fans) I severely frown upon switching main character actors partway through a franchise ... but I also strongly disliked the casting in the first place. We're now getting some clarity on the issue, and it seems as if McMahon will only be partly returning, if recent rumors are to be believed.

The new word on the rumor mill is suggesting McMahon will be providing the voice only for Doctor Doom. Maybe the guy isn't interested in portraying a character who will never be seen apart from a mask (V for Vendetta had this problem, you may recall), or maybe the studio wanted to go with someone who had a more intimidating build to fill out the most evil cape in Marveldom. Whatever the case, the name on the street is currently Chris Showerman to embody the physical aspect of Victor Von Doom.

Shame they can't replace the voice as well, though. I've always imagined Doom as a far more intimidating vocalist than our friend McMahon.
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