As a cinema veteran, I am always on the look out for blogs written by theater employees, former or current, as well as vocal moviegoers. Though I'm now a full year away from the theater business, I am still interested in it. I also haven't gotten sick of popcorn, yet (I never will). Unfortunately, I haven't been having much luck with my search for cinema blogs (if you have one, let us know), but there is always the chance that Mark Cuban, co-owner of the Landmark chain, among other businesses, will discuss the theater industry on his own blog. Last week he went all out:

  • On July 23, Cuban unleashed "The Movie Business Challenge", which asked his readers to give ideas on how to market either the movies released by his distribution company (Magnolia Pictures) or those showing at Landmark -- he didn't specify -- and also boost movie-going. He ended up with over 900 responses, in comment and email form, many of which are fun to read, though most of the contributors don't seem to know anything about the business or about Cuban. So last Friday, he posted a response to the response, in which he discusses the need for an image makeover on the theatrical end, and pleads with the MPAA to spend money on this makeover rather than wasting money on anti-piracy tactics. He also mentions some of his own ideas for Landmark, such as the lame-sounding "Rock and Roll Theater". Check it out to see why Cuban is thinking of actually letting people talk MORE during the films at his theaters.