Yes, I know I spelled "cemetery" wrong, but I'll take Stephen King's spelling over the Oxford English Dictionary's any day, thank you very much. And get this wild piece of intriguing yet totally unexpected casting news: Will the ultra-cool George Clooney be stepping into the role made famous* by Dale Midkiff in Mary Lambert'sPet Sematary? That's kinda what the guys at are saying, and if this scoopage turns out to be true, well then chalk one up for the gore-boys.

We've been hearing rumblings of a Pet Sematary remake for a little while now, and if the remake now has George Clooney as its anchor, well jeez, my opinion of the project just skyrocketed. (Yeah, I dig the Clooney. So what?) According to the BD boys the new version is being written by Dave Kajganich (The Visiting), Mike Werb (The Mask) and Michael Colleary (Face/Off). Paramount hasn't announced a director just yet, but hell, Clooney can do that too!

* OK, not so famous

UPDATE: Now tells us, whoops, false alarm completely. No Clooney. Now I feel like kind of an idiot for running the story, but oh well. My apologies. -- Scott
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