Okay, for the purposes of my happiness we are going to ignore the rather pressing fact that Hellboy 2 currently has no studio to finance/produce it and is thus quite a ways away from coming to a theater near me. The current news on Hellboy's script continues to be good, and I want to focus on this instead. Like most comic book aficionados (and unfortunately unlike most of the rest of the general public) I adored the Hellboy flick. If I had to list the areas I'd like to see improved -- and it would be a short list -- right near the top would be more Abe Sapien, and it sounds like I will get my wish when the sequel finally finds funding.

Doug Jones, the man behind Abe Sapien, had this to say to Now Playing Magazine about his role in the upcoming film: "Abe's going to have much more of a storyline than he did in the first one, and I think the buddy part of the relationship between he and Hellboy is going to be played up more." Jones said this relationship was his favorite part of the first film, and I'd have to agree with him. Every ounce of information I hear about this film only increases my excitement.
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