In our never-ending quest to bring you as much information about the upcoming Snakes on a Plane as possible, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with ... Snakes on a Bling!

That's right, those SOAP marketing maniacs are at it again -- this time they want you to shell out $3,900 for this lovely gold necklace adorned with sparkling diamonds. Designed by Lin Shaye, who plays someone named Grace in the film, this pricey piece of jewelry could help you become the cool kid on the block for once. Imagine showing up to that midnight SOAP screening wearing this fine bling when all your other friends have on boring Samuel L. Jackson t-shirts?

Too expensive? Perhaps you'd dig a Sterling Silver Snakes on a Plane Dog Tag? Priced at a reasonable $300, this will allow you to show all those who stand in your way that you mean business. Tell me folks, does it get any worse than this?

[via Film Rot]

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