Alright, you caught me -- this post is not exactly about movies, per se. But it is clearly the direct result of cinema, and it relates to one of the most popular movie franchises to ever hit the silver screen, so I thought you'd find it interesting. It'll also nicely fill the Spider-Man news gap we've had here recently for you Spider junkies. Oh, and it is awesome, and I want to talk about it.

So we geeks, along with many of you non-geek types, have been greatly enjoying the superhero reign in moviedom these last several years. And as a direct result of this box office popularity, Marvel has been encouraged to take yet another stab at the animated cartoon business. Marvel does this every now and then dating back decades, but this time they're hoping for their best run yet. Fantastic Four and Wolverine cartoons have already been announced, piggybacking on their movie counterparts, and now comes Spider-Man, who has seen life in cartoons many times. However, this time Marvel (teamed with Sony, of course) is taking an unusual approach. Rather than producing the cartoons weekly on TV, they're going to release them 13 episodes at a time -- as long as they continue to be successful -- on DVD. Yes, you'll be able to obtain 13 new cartoons at once thanks to the robust DVD market. The choice to skip the TV step and go right to DVD is unusual, but quite interesting. I know I, for one, will be looking forward to it.
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