The big news a short while back was J.K. Rowling's announcement that she plans to kill every popular character in her Harry Potter series because she hates them and her audience. Well ... okay ... she is only killing one or two major characters, and probably not because she hates anyone; she's probably doing it because it is her story to tell and she knows what she wants to do with it. Nonetheless, fans are now hyper-nervous, worrying over their favorite characters -- most notably Harry himself.* And we commoners are not the only ones worried. Rowling has been appealed to by two very big names in the literature world, John Irving and Stephen King, who both encouraged her to not kill off her star wizard. King's comments in particular made a studious comparison to another great writer who felt he had to kill of his main character because he was tired of readers thinking he was only good for one franchise. King said "I don't want him to go over the Reichenbach Falls." (Ed: For those of you unfamiliar with said Falls, King is referring to Arthur Conan Doyle's killing of Sherlock Holmes, who plunged over the Falls in The Adventure of the Final Problem. And was eventually brought back to life. That worked out well.)

So what're your thoughts? Is Rowling, like Doyle, frustrated with her one trick pony and ready to move on even if it means killing her big money character? If she does, will she find -- as Doyle did -- that readers aren't always willing to embrace such a decision? At least she's got an easy out if she decides to kill him and later bring him back. Unlike Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter lives in a world just full of magic, and he has already defied death on one major occasion. I fear the analogy made by Stephen King may be far too accurate for anyone's liking ...

*And it would be sad to see him go, right after he finally got on the Ginny action.
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