Man, and here I thought I would make it through the day without wanting to smash my forehead against the wall. Apparently, Mandy Moore is working on a new film project inspired by the message boards located on her official website. Yes folks, she's making a movie about message boards. God help us.

According to WENN reports, the title of the film will be Message Board, and its plot will be based on stories that have come from the website. Of course, you know I had to go check out said message boards -- I mean, for a movie to be based on them, there had to be some unbelievable ideas floating around, right? Hmm, how about "Should Mandy revert back to her short brunette hairstyle?" Or, "Would Mandy make it on American Idol?" Then, there's my personal favorite, "Let's Pray For Mandy Moore 2 keep goin 2 the Top." Oh, I'm praying all right ... for this whole thing to just disappear.

[via Film Rot]

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