Every time I pay a visit to Barnes and Noble, the place is packed. Last time I was there, I actually asked the woman behind the counter what B&N was giving away for free and if I could have one, seeing as finding a book on the fourth floor was like locating a bathroom at a packed rock concert. Well folks, I may have finally figured out what's going on here: B&N isn't occupied by regular readers like me -- in reality, it's filled with people who work for Warner Bros.! Conspiracy I say!

That's right, the damn studio is snatching up every young-adult title it can find, most recently acquiring screen rights to Tom Sniegoski's young-adult novel, Sleeper Code. In an interesting move, the studio will not be targeting the Harry Potter crowd but, instead, hired Jason Keller to adapt Code into an adult thriller a la The Bourne Identity.

The novel revolves around a young teen who suffers from an extreme case of narcolepsy, thus forcing him to be home-schooled. When his files go missing and his darn psychologist turns up dead, the boy discovers he hasn't been sleeping at all. Yikes. No director or talent is currently attached.

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