Last week another anti-piracy raid was conducted, this one in the Philippines, and it could have been a lot like the action scenes I've been imagining the MPA's war on piracy to actually be like. The Philippines National Police and Special Action Force officers searched a residence in southern Metro Manila, which resulted in the seizure of not just 6,500 pirated discs, but also hundreds of grenades and rounds of assault-weapon ammo, plus a lot of porn and drugs.

Unfortunately (for cinematic purposes), no weapons were actually used and there wasn't a blockbuster-worthy battle, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. This was just one of those near-climax sequences in which the action hero sneaks up on a bungalow full of guerrillas who are lazily playing cards or sitting in hammocks with their hats over their faces. The pirates simply didn't have time to reach for the grenades and guns. And they never knew what hit them. But we do. It was ... Glickman. Dan Glickman.