Given the combination of Hugh Jackman's stardom and his musical/stage background, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood mixed him into its new, we're-less-scared-of-musicals-now trend. Though the actor actually has a deal with Disney to develop musicals for the screen, his first singin' and dancin' appearance in Hollywood will apparently be for Fox 2000, which has struck a deal with Jackman to star in a remake of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, Carousel. (Fox already owns the rights to the original film, so getting the remake going shouldn't be a problem -- assuming they get the OK for the music.) According to Variety, Wolverine will play Billy Bigelow (a role originated on-screen by Gordon MacRae), the grumpy carnival barker who ends up dead because of his temper. Luckily, however, he's allowed "to return [for a day] and fix the problems he left behind -- namely a teenager who has a lot of his rebellious traits."

I'm a fan of both Jackman (I own Swordfish. AND Someone Like You. Shhh.) and musicals, but for some reason I just cannot stomach Carousel -- I hate all the characters, and find the story incredibly tiresome. Clearly, I'm a bad person. Still, though, I do wonder if Jackman's star power will be enough to bring audiences to this one.
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