Kevin Federline Wants to Act ... In Movies!

Move over Britney, your hubby is dreaming big ... screen, that is. Aside from trying to establish himself as the next hot singer, Kevin Federline would also like to act -- not as a real father and husband -- but in movies. Speaking to In Touch magazine, the pop-something notes he's been offered a few scripts -- one actually had him playing a drug dealer opposite Casey Affleck. Says Federline, "Sometimes I wake up in a comedic mood, and sometimes I wake up in a serious mood." Yeah, well, it doesn't matter when and how I wake up, I'm never in the mood to see Kevin Federline in anything except, maybe, a mug-shot photo.

Lohan Fired!

While, at one point, she was dangerously close to losing her job on the film Georgia Rule, Lindsay Lohan's careless off-screen actions have caused the actress/singer to be dropped from her UK record label. According to a report in The Sun, record company bosses were fed up with Lohan after she failed to do any promotion for her new album across the pond. Please, the girl can barely get out of bed in the morning, you really expect her to get on a plane and travel half-way across the world?

Sagat and Those Filthy Penguins!

Comedian Bob Saget was forced back into the editing room recently after those involved with his upcoming March of the Penguins spoof were afraid the first version of the film was too insane. In fact, Lewis Black (who voiced a penguin in the pic) felt that, not only would Farce of the Penguins be denied a theatrical release, but the folks behind the film may even be arrested. Arrested? What the hell are they doing to these poor penguins? Black says, "It's not just completely filthy, but it's certainly a funky little movie." Okay, there's pushing the envelope ... and then there's raping the damn thing. Yet, how come I want to see this film so badly?

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