Okay, the first time I read this story I thought it was a joke. They can't be serious. They can't be this cheesy. After referring to it as Die Hard 4, then Die Hard 4: Die Hardest, then Die Hard 4.0, then Die Hard: Reset (My favorite so far, btw), the (final?) title of the fourth Die Hard installment will be -- I can't believe I'm writing this -- Live Free or Die Hard. No, that's not the name of your favorite 80's hair-band song ... although it would make for a great Bon Jovi tune. Soundtrack? Jovi? (I know you Jersey folks just leaned in a bit closer.)

Aside from the announcement of that new ridiculous title, 20th Century Fox also nailed down a release date for the flick. Live Free or Die Hard will hit theaters next summer on June 29, joining Michael Bay'sTransformers and Pixar'sRatatouille as the only other pics scheduled to bow around that time. Fox felt the timing was necessary, as the film's storyline takes place on or around July 4. While Bruce Willis is officially reprising his role as John McClane, there's been no word yet on any truth to the rumor Justin Long will be joining him. Mark your calendars and start collecting those fireworks folks, because next fourth of July is lining up to be one heck of a blast from the past.

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