As we draw nearer the return of Harry Potter to the silver screen, the additional cast is slowly shaking into place. The key players, of course, are all returning (the list of those recalled grows longer and longer with each flick), and new cast members continue to be added to fill out the always growing Potter cast of characters. For the most part, I've been rather satisfied -- and often impressed -- with the casting decisions made by the various Potter teams, and I hope to see the trend continue for the fifth film.

The latest character from the Potterverse to be cast is Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, now confirmed to be played by Helena Bonham Carter. Carter's name -- which has been associated with the role since May -- immediately brings to mind two films for me; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (as Charlie Bucket's mom) and Big Fish (as Jenny). I liked Carter in both of these roles, and she actually did just a little bit of being a witch in Fish, but not so much the Death Eater sort of witch. I'm going to go on record now and declare this an excellent casting decision. I can't wait to see Death Eaters in action.

On a side note, the studio also announced the musical composer. It will be Nicholas Hooper, who has a history of working with director David Yates.
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