It was probably too much to ask of Hollywood that, just this once, they let propriety win out, and allow the new Pink Panther to die a quiet death. By some miracle, you see, the film made money (the IMDb guesses $140 million worldwide; the budget was about $80 million), and when dollar signs are involved, studio heads have a hard time thinking clearly. So, yes, another Pink Panther is coming. And, yes, Steve Martin is back. Can you stand the excitement? The movie is currently being written by newcomers Scott Neustadter and Michael M. Weber; no word yet on if superstar hack Shawn Levy will find the time to direct the sequel to his zillionth profitable pile of crap.

What's best about this news, though, is that the plot of the movie is being kept tightly under wraps. Um, why? Do they honestly think people care what it's about? Or that anyone buys their "high-concept" claim? Give us a freaking break, Sony and MGM. Go make your movie somewhere quietly, sell it to us suckers, and count your money. But please don't pretend that we're actually interested in the story.
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