Everyone's complaint with motion-capture, which was used to animate The Polar Express and Monster House, seems to be its inability to present realistic lip-synching. This is because the current motion-capture process uses special suits that only capture the movement of the actor's body, not his face. But this week a new system was demonstrated that will be more effective in capturing all human movement, and also even cheaper and quicker for animators to use.

The Contour Reality Capture System has actors covered in phosphorescent paint, which I guess is even applied on the face, since it is able to represent lip and eyebrow movement, and then it records the motion with two sets of cameras (I won't go into the technical details because I don't really understand them). The images produced with Contour are ready next day and cost a fraction of those made by current systems.

So, I guess the next thing is to get rid of movie stars? I'm not sure what the need is for computer animation to be more and more realistic. We actually already have the most realistic animation process, and it involves real people being filmed at 24 frames per second.

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