Have you seen the new Iron Man poster which has been floating around since last week's Comic Con? If you haven't you should, because it is pretty. However, don't let yourself get too excited over it, because it is not an accurate representation of how Tony Stark's costume will look in the upcoming Jon Favreau movie. Fav has made a point of warning fans not to draw too much out of the poster, because it was simply a promo sheet worked up for the Con to remind people the movie is coming and get them a bit excited for it. It is a good picture, and serves its purpose well -- I'm excited, aren't you? -- but it is nothing official. Work has yet to really begin on the Iron Man project, and production design certainly hasn't had time to finalize anything, let alone the most important piece of costuming in the entire flick. But no worries, the film is about to kick into high gear, and we should have plenty of good news coming from Jon Favreau and company in the coming months. Stay tuned to Cinematical for further Iron Man updates.
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