Increasingly fleshy TV star Chris Noth doesn't really do much movie work. His recent feature appearances have been primarily in smaller, supporting roles, which is understandable -- Law & Order, Sex and the City and most recently Law & Order: Criminal Intent have kept him pretty busy. According to this morning's Hollywood Reporter, however, that's about to change: Noth has agreed to co-star in Frame of Mind, and indie drama from writer-producer-director-actor Carl T. Evans. (No word on if Evans will also be catering the shoot.) The movie "centers on a police detective who uncovers a widespread government conspiracy"; Evans (of course) is playing the detective, while Noth plays "a college professor skeptical of [the] detective's discovery."

Based on the epic multi-tasking of Evans, I think it's safe to assume that this is a pretty tiny movie. However, thanks to the connections of Evans' co-producer Charles Kipps -- who happens to be an old friend of Noth's -- it's suddenly getting some press, and probably has a greater chance of distribution. The film starts shooting in October.
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