Anyone who has worked on a film shoot knows the importance of silence during a take. Anyone who has worked in sound recording knows the difficulty of always achieving silence when shooting on location. There might be airplanes flying overhead, motorcycles driving by or toilets flushing like crazy. The last of these was the cause of much frustration during the making of Lage Raho Munnabhai(Keep At It, Munnabhai), a new Indian movie, which features one scene shot in an actual mall restroom. Whenever an actor walked by the technologically advanced auto-flush urinals, filming had to pause until the flushing noise stopped.

The movie's director, Raju Hirani remembers, "At one point, with so many unit members inside the loo, all the flush sensors went berserk and started flushing simultaneously! We actually had to vacate the loo briefly to stop the urinals from flushing."

And here I thought auto-flush was the greatest convenience known to man.


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