Poor Bruce Willis. You help an old pal out, and your heartfelt generosity turns around and bites you right in the ass. Ain't that always the way when you're a big star? If his court filings (link opens a PDF) are to be believed, Willis hired Bruce DiMattia, a "childhood friend" in 2002. Among other things, Bruce #2 spent the next four-plus years "[organizing] private family photographs, videotapes, DVDs and films depicting Willis and his family members." (Is Bruce #1 working on his presidential library, or something?) According to Bruce #1, however, Bruce #2 had goals in mind beyond organization. While working on the family archives, Bruce #2 was also secretly keeping some of the photos and videos, as well as "knowledge of certain highly personal, private and confidential information." Oh, and he was working on a book. Secretly.

So, when the time came for the job to end, Bruce #2, who had been living -- rent-free -- in a Bruce #1-owned property, attempted to use his acquired information to swing a little deal with his pal. In papers filed yesterday in an LA County Courthouse, Bruce #1 alleged that Bruce #2 1)refused to move out of his rent-free digs, and 2)demanded a car and "over $100,000" in exchange for not publishing the book, which apparently contains "several falsehoods and lies that could embarrass" Bruce #1. (Oh boy, salacious Bruce Willis gossip! Wait. Isn't that already on Page Six every other day?)

Bruce #1 wants "an excess of $1 million in damages and asks for return of [his] private mementos, or if they cannot be delivered, a sum no less that $50,000."* There's no indication of when the case will go before a judge.

*Bruce #1 is feeling a little litigious these days -- he filed suit in June against a photographer who he claims defamed him.
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