It's amazing how much attention a Hollywood remake of a little western can get from the trades -- but I guess that happens when names like Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are associated with the film. As we've told you in our periodic updates on James Mangold's3:10 to Yumaremake, the news that Cruise wasn't making the film broke at the same time that a)Crowe supplanted him as the movie's baddie, Ben Wade, and b)Sony dropped the movie, apparently due to major concerns about its ability to make a profit.

Even thought the film didn't actually have either a home or financing, however, casting evidently continued. Kim reported way back in February that the Incredible Hulk himself, Eric Bana, was interested in playing the good guy -- rancher Dan Evans -- to Cruise's/Crowe's Wade (played with frightening charm by Glenn Ford in the original). Just as with Cruise, though, the early reports proved wrong, and it was revealed today that Christian Bale is seconds from signing on to play Evans. Hmm. While I'm still pissed about the remake in general, and would much rather see Bale play Wade, at least he's a good actor. That's something, I guess.

In other Yuma news, the movie looks to have secured financing through Relativity Media, but is still in search of a distributor.
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