Alert, alert! Hellboy 2 has financing. I repeat: Hellboy 2 has financing -- the movie will actually happen. Huzzah! Variety reported this morning that Universal has agreed to both finance and distribute the film, previously left homeless when Revolution Studios, which funded Hellboy, went out of business, and the company's business partner (it distributed the film) Columbia elected not to pick up the sequel. Though director Guillermo Del Toroimplied that Paramount would fund the film, that turned out to be, well, wrong.

In addition to the Universal news, Variety also officially confirmed the entirely unsurprising fact that Ron Perlman and Selma Blair will both be returning for the sequel, which is scheduled to go into production next April and is currently slated for a summer 2008 release. Good God that's a long way off -- can you guys sustain your excitement for that long?
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