I can't imagine anyone else would recall this, because frankly there isn't really anything particularly memorable about it, but it tickled the back of my mind when I read this story, so I looked it up. Not so very long ago, when she signed on to Tim Allen'sZoomCourtney Cox explained she was doing it for her little girl. It makes sense, really. She's a mom with a new daughter, of course she'd want to do a family film or two -- "something fun for the whole family" as she put it. And so she signed agreed to do Zoom, and the obligatory "CGI animals in an environment we don't expect" movie, Barnyard: The Original Party Animals. Every actor in Hollywood has to do one of these movies, it seems, and what better time than when you are on a daughter-safe films spree?

But here's the kicker, my friends. Cox took her two-year-old daughter to the premiere of Barnyard, and hearing her mommy's voice coming out of a cow gave the poor child nightmares. No, I didn't make that up. Apparently, the CGI coyotes were a little much for the youngster to take as well. The irony of this situation amuses me terribly, although I of course feel bad for the daughter -- the jabberwock from Through The Looking Glass petrified me as a pre-K child. Needless to say, Cox is no longer planning on taking her daughter to see Zoom.
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