I continue to expect absolutely nothing from Tim Allen's upcoming Zoom, because -- let's be honest -- dude hasn't made a good movie in quite a while now. It's at the point where I basically write off anything the man appears in. In my mind, he is a member of this wacky, family comedy power-trio of suck, alongside George Lopez and Bernie Mac. I've often thought if we could get all three of them together in one film, it would probably represent so many different signs of the apocalypse that it'd force God's hand and bring about the return of His Son.

However, in promoting Zoom, Allen invoked a film which gave me brief pause. According to Allen, Zoom will contain a lot of the same humor we saw in Galaxy Quest. Yes, good readers, even Tim Allen remembers the last time he was funny, and is hoping to recapture some of that magic in his new film. Do I expect it to work? Not really, but I sure hope it does. The more interesting news to come from this bit of Allen PR is the suggestion of a Quest sequel. According to Allen, such a sequel has been proposed, and presented to Dreamworks for their approval. Nothing is known beyond that, however. Allen said "it's all studio stuff," and he tries to stay far away from studio stuff. Dare we hope?
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