As Chris reported last week, Magnolia Pictures acquired Jesus Camp -- a documentary about "three Missouri kids who travel to ... [an] evangelical summer camp" -- for North American distribution, and immediately decided to pull the film from Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival. The people at Magnolia were concerned that the film would immediately get a Liberal! label from the association with Moore, and since they hope to market it to both liberals and more conservative Evangelical Pentecostals, the company's president thought it was best to keep their movie out of the festival.

The problem, however, is that Moore doesn't care what Magnolia wants. It turns out that their decision to pull the film was more of a request -- one that Moore denied. In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jesus Camp is screening twice in Traverse City: Once today, and once tomorrow. Take that, you Magnolia bastards!

That Michael Moore -- he never stops stickin' it to the man, even when the man is an independent distributor with a stable of films that, when political, lean decidedly to the liberal side of the spectrum.
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