We've got some interesting little eye candy for you today via a few different sources around the net. Those of you who dig Frank Miller, Brad Pitt and Paul Thomas Anderson should stick around and check out the following:

  • The Comic-Con teaser for Zack Snyder's upcoming adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel, 300, has just arrived online. Though some dude is standing right in front of the screen throughout most of it, you're able to catch a nice glimpse of the last 30 seconds or so. Based on the footage, this one looks like it's going to kick major ass. [via FilmRot]
  • Now that Ocean's Thirteen has officially started production, look for spy photos to be flying towards us faster than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can adopt another kid. With an impressive cast lined up for the third installment, expect a fun ride with a bunch of folks who are prettier than you. The first images from the set show Brad Pitt walking around in a suit, as well as with a motorcycle helmet. Enjoy! [via Coming Soon]
  • The first image of Daniel Day Lewis in Paul Thomas Anderson's upcoming oil film, There Will Be Blood, is now available online and, um, the guy looks pretty freaky. For those ladies out there who have always had a thing for Daniel Day and can't wait to see him in a PTA flick, well, you may want to check out this picture before counting down those seconds.