Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • According to a story in Star magazine, Jennifer Lopez has abruptly dropped out of the big-screen remake of Dallas, based off the classic TV show. In the film, Lopez was set to star as J.R. Ewing's alcoholic wife Sue Ellen, opposite John Travolta. No word yet on why she bailed, but it's certainly not the first time someone has left the production. Earlier this year, director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde) quit after he was upset over casting choices. Hmm, I wonder if Lopez was one of the choices he was upset about. Shirley MacLaine and Luke Wilson are currently in negotiations to round out the cast. Personally, why not throw Sharon Stone in the Sue Ellen role -- she'd make a great alcoholic. Casino, anyone?
  • Universal has snatched up rights to the comic book, The Leading Man, with Marc Platt Prods. and Closed on Mondays Entertainment set to produce. Comic, which is written by B. Clay Moore and illustrated by Jeremy Haun, revolves around the adventures of the world's biggest movie star, Nick Walter. Story follows Walter as he "uses his celebrity, access, lifestyle and his films' international location shoots as a cover for his real job, that of an international spy." Pic sounds fun, but I would imagine they would need a huge A-list celebrity to make this believable. Brad Pitt, maybe? George Clooney would also be fun to watch in a role like this. Thoughts? Opinions?
  • The last thing I expected to come out of this whole Mel Gibson debacle was a movie rumor, but that's exactly what Moviehole reported on Thursday. Word around Warner Bros. is they've been down with shelling out another Lethal Weapon sequel for a couple years now, except Mel Gibson refused to be involved. Seeing as the franchise depended on Gibson reprising his role as Sergeant Martin Riggs, the sequel lost steam. However, with projects disappearing faster than Gibson's career, some folks are saying the actor may now jump onboard a Lethal Weapon 5, if only because it would be a good film to help win back some of his fanbase. Makes sense, no?
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