A few months back the inescapably terrible filmmaker known as Uwe Boll decided that he'd had enough of the bad reviews. But instead of channeling his frustrations into trying to make, y'know, a good movie for once in his life, Dr. Boll (yes, Dr.) decided that his only course of action was to ... challenge his detractors in the boxing ring. Let's translate this into schoolyard terms: You think my movies suck, and therefore I'll be waiting for you after school so that I can punch you a few times, thereby allowing myself to feel better for a little while instead of actually addressing the issue at hand, which is this: I really am an idiot.

Yeah, this makes sense. The guy's so furious about reactions to hishilariouslyterribleouevre that he's willing to humiliate himself to an even goofier degree. Apaprently it's not enough for Boll to enjoy his title as Today's Worst Filmmaker; he also seems intent on becoming The Planet's Most Insufferable Bully, too. And here's the best part:

He's finding no takers, boxing-wise. Aside from one stalwart 16-year-old, nobody's nibbling on Boll's boxing poll. Sounds to me like the arrogant crybaby has a little too much time on his hands. I'm willing to start a petition and pass around the collection plate: Let's get Uwe Boll enrolled at USC Film School. Hell, we can even turn it into a reality series at the same time! Uwe, call me!
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