It seems like just the other day we were telling you that Owen Wilson had finally confirmed that he will be starring in Wes Anderson's new flick, The Darjeeling Limited (actually it was just the other day, but in internet years, that makes the news, something like 78 years old). We know very little at this point about the film other than it's about three brothers, it's going to be filmed in India, and, who knows, maybe they'll drink a nice cup of tea or something, and then excitement and/or hilarity will ensue. I'll go out on a limb and add that it's likely that Mark Mothersbaugh will be involved in the score, given Anderson and Mothersbaugh's history of collaborating.

Now we have new news on the film, straight from Wilson's mouth to the ear of Australian paper the Herald-Sun, that his brothers in the film will be played by Adrien Brody and the film's co-writer, Jason Schwartzman. Schwartzman's involvement as both co-writer and actor is no shocker; Anderson previously co-wrote Rushmore (which starred Schwartzman and Owen Wilson's brother, Luke) with Owen Wilson, who also co-wrote with Anderson and starred in TheRoyal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket (both of which also starred brother Luke). So, apparently, unless you're Adrien Brody, your best shot at being involved in a Wes Anderson film is, well, to previously have been involved in a Wes Anderson film -- or to be related to a Wilson.

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