Okay, don't crucify me here, because this could be old news. However, it's the first time I'm actually seeing a detailed plot synopsis for Rob Zombie's upcoming take on the popular Halloween franchise. While tooling around on IMDB, I came across the following:

"Since his psychiatrist father's death, David Loomis has been working at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. David inherited all his father's files, except for those of serial killer Michael A. Myers, which are nowhere to be found. But when a horribly mutilated body is found, rumors fly that Michael has returned to Haddonfield. Eager to fulfill his father's obsessive quest, David travels to Haddonfield to wait for Michael. Like father, like son!"

Ah, so now we know how Zombie plans to mix the old with the new. Loomis' son will be the main character and, I imagine, we will flashback to some of the earlier Myers stuff. Perhaps, we will see a younger Loomis when he's first assigned to the case? That would be cool. So, is this new? Old? And what do you think about the direction in which they're heading?

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