The cool news: A good-sized pile of Star Trek stuff, from shows including everything from the original series up through Nemesis, will be sold in early October. It'll be the first official auction of authentic SW ST stuff, according to their PR people, and will include everything from Vulcan jewelery to Starfleet minidresses -- over 100 items, all told.

The crummy news: There is probably no way you can afford it, unless you've been hoarding money for years just for this chance. The sale will take place at the swanky Christie's auction house in New York on October 5, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek TV. Lots of high-powered bidders will be there to spend absurd amounts of money on fake sci-fi weaponry. And hey ... wouldn't you, if you had the means?

The items are currently on display at Christie's of London and will tour in August and September, hitting four American cities so everyone stateside can ogle the goods. The final stop will of course be New York, where the three day auction will take place, putting lots of money into the pockets of people who had nothing to do with the series. But at least it'll allow (hopefully) a few real fans to get real pieces; they'll cherish them far more than any studio ever could.
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